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ProCalV5 eView

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Trying to get more done in your work day?

ProCal eView is a time saving solution!

ProCal eView, is a web-based solution for extracting reports from ProCalV5 according to your planning, eView can also email them to an unlimited number of recipients.

There are many advantages of ProCalV5 eView:

  • Monthly report on work done
    You no longer have to worry about "Have I sent the monthly report?"
    When you set up the schedule for the report, they will be sent automatically in the future!
  • Event reporting
    Stop worrying when a calibration is missed, delayed or goes wrong. You or your technician can automatically receive a report of events coming up at the end of each month, or whatever time period is convenient for your work schedules. 
  • "Open" Work Report
    The system sends out a periodic summary to planners or technicians of the details of any open work orders to facilitate better communication of work plans, required calibration and maintenance activities.
  • Alerts on pending calibrations
    Be informed of pending calibrations so you can assign tasks to the appropriate people.
  • Many more uses!
    There are no limits to the number of report jobs or schedules you can define and automate.

More benefits:

  • User friendly interface
  • Direct and scheduled reports
  •  Automatically deliver PDF or Excel reports to an unlimited number of specific email recipients
  • Create reports on via web access
  • Works with over 80 standard reports in ProCalV5
  • Simple user administration:
    - Root / Admin - Full access to all functions
    - System user - access to create and edit planning reports, run reports directly
    - Limited user - access to view authorized reports and run reports, no access to planning
  • User profile page manages password security, policy account and authorized account access
  • There are no limits to the number of report jobs or schedules that can be defined